Friday, March 23, 2007

Computer video games improve eyesight

Playing such first person shooter games, like F.E.A.R., Halo, Gears of War or other action shooter the involve using a gun have been tested to improve one depth perception.

Sedate games (games that claim and cause a person to focus) such as board games do not work to help the depth perception in this case.

The Study
University of Rochester professor conducts a study with 60 people where 30 people whom started out as non gamers received thirty hours of training playing the first person computer video games. This group of thirty people showed great improvement in the ability to find objects in a cluttered area verses those people whom where non gamers without any training.

So what the professor concluded was that playing the first person computer video games improved what is know as spatial resolution meaning the ability to see very small object in a large area like a letter. So playing these computer video games changed the way the brain processed visual information.

These types of computer video games push the visual system of the brain to its limit, causing it to adapt to new situations which carries over to actual life.

The study also suggested that playing these first person computer video games can help to rehabilitate people with certain visual problems such as lazy eye and simple effects of aging.

So according to these studies it may be possible who have visual problems to play these first person computer video games to build their depth perception and spatial resolution.